Brand new OLS estimates to your subsample are in range into the full attempt estimates presented inside the Desk dos

Brand new OLS estimates to your subsample are in range into the full attempt estimates presented inside the Desk dos

We estimate Eq. (1) by replacing Dij (Bij) with three different sets of dowry and bride price paid to others (i.e., \( \overlinej>> \) and \( \overlinej>> \) , \( \overline> \) and \( \overline> \) , or the community-based dowry and bride price), and three sets of reduced-form estimation results are presented in Table 4. Each panel presents estimation results of a reduced-form regression with a different set of dowry and bride price paid to others. To be comparable with Panel A, the OLS estimation results with women who have at least one brother and one sister are presented in Appendix Table 8. The reduced-form estimation results support the main OLS estimation results shown in Table 2. That is, women enjoy higher status in the ily that tends to exchange higher dowries and when they come from a higher-dowry village, whereas a larger bride price is negatively associated with these same traits. Here, the amount of bride price paid to the wife’s sisters by their in-laws is significantly negatively associated with the wife’s autonomy. The third set, i.e., the community-based dowry and bride price, does not show any significant association with women’s status. This is likely because relatively weaker association between the community-based dowry (bride price) and the personal dowry (bride price) that the bride receives from her parents (in-laws) than other two sets. The estimates for other coefficients are not inconsistent with those shown in Table 2 and are available upon request.

Dining table cuatro Organization between dowry/bride-to-be price (reduced by in-rules of siblings, anyone else on village and you will people) and wife’s updates about relationship house (OLS)

cuatro.step three Discussion and robustness inspections

In deciding the fresh women’s standing regarding the relationship household, the outcome of your own net dowry (dowry minus bride-to-be speed) will get count. Remember that the degree of deferred mehr is included on their own regarding the internet dowry just like the previous has never been paid back unless divorce case takes place and should not be considered assets brought to your marriage. The outcomes suggest that this new property delivered with the ount) improve their particular choice-and make power and you can independence. These positive associations aren’t shocking since the latest connectivity of bride rate paid back at the time of relationships manage counter in order to those of dowry however estimations.

Possibly, a greater age otherwise education change might damage the brand new wife’s status in the relationship home. Along with many years differences together with training differences (replacing the fresh new partner’s decades and studies) doesn’t affect the main outcomes, therefore the coefficients of these details commonly significant (Appendix Desk 9, Committee B).

New quote procedure is actually repeated because of the substitution dowry and you can fiance price that have online dowry (Appendix Desk 9, Panel An excellent)

You to definitely you’ll believe the number of age just like the wedding is important since the outcome of dowry (otherwise bride rate) will be deeper following marriage. And additionally decades as the ount off dowry (replacing woman’s years at wedding) magnifies the beds base effect of dowry into the women’s independency but minimizes their magnitude as well as the benefits level inside ladies’ decision-making (Appendix Table nine, Panel C). This simply means that more substantial dowry boosts the wife’s self-reliance inside the latest marital house after matrimony; however, the latest organization isn’t rather impacted by new passage through of age as matrimony.

Zero way of measuring gender ideology is roofed however estimate on account of endogeneity issues. That you will believe inclusion of these tips will get weaken brand new organization ranging from dowry and you can ladies’ reputation throughout the marital house. Although we don’t refute the possibility that tastes and you will ideological thinking regarding gender relationships aren’t inherent and change along side relationship lifetime, the fresh estimation techniques are regular by plus several methods to possess young buck preference: the initial variable equals one if wife’s most readily useful number of sons is greater than regarding daughters plus the 2nd means you to when the spouse would like to promote higher education so you’re able to sons rather than in order to daughters. Handling getting gender ideology doesn’t substantially affect the head estimate performance (Appendix Table nine, Panel D). Surprisingly, ladies’ decision-making is undoubtedly with the young man preference. However, it’s negatively in the liking to possess delivering higher education to help you sons than daughters. A potential interpretation is that highly experienced feminine are facing gender inequality into the studies and start to become much more empowered on marital household however, prefer that have far more sons than simply daughters. That it looks in line with particular existing training exhibiting you to definitely young buck preference is much more common one of highly educated female in lieu of uneducated feminine inside Southern area China (Das Gupta 1987; Muhuri and you will Preston 1991).

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