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If you want the convenience of ready-made yerba mate drinks, but don’t want sugar or flavorings, another option is to add yerba mate liquid extract or powder to hot water to make instant yerba mate. Yerba mate, or mate for short, is a traditional South American brew that’s been said to offer the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage. Yerba mate provides an energy boost similar to coffee, but with less caffeine and more nutrients. Enlighten Mint is Guayaki’s refreshing blend of peppermint, yerba mate tea, and a touch of honey. This brand sources regeneratively grown ingredients for its caffeinated and non-carbonated tea blends. Many people report that yerba mate produces a less ‘jittery’ feeling than coffee.

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  • Stanley’s flasks are more expensive than other brands, but they have a wide variety of replacement parts and most importantly, a lifetime warranty.
  • They don’t cost much and also come with a metal straw for sipping.
  • If you were looking to shop for a Instant Yerba Mate with ease, this is where you can go.
  • In this article we’ll help you select an insulated water bottle or thermos, a non-essential, yet a crucial tool for modern-day mate drinking.

It is one of the most common mental disorders that occurs in children, teens and lingers on till adulthood. Yerba Mate helps control and overcome the symptoms resulting in a normally functioning brain. You can even get Yerba Mate for ADHD drinks instead of other brain stimulation drinks like coffee, tea and etc.

What Does Argentinian Mate Taste Like?

The seeds apparently best superautomatic espresso machine only germinate after being digested by very specific native birds. This, as you can imagine, makes commercial cultivation more difficult and therefore the herb more precious. I am now sipping on Eco Teas Organic UNSMOKED yerba mate, all powder and very grassy herby.

Is Yerba Mate Healthy?

Argentina is the largest producer of mate in the world and the most popular one in the United States. Argentine producers use all parts of the plant when making their drink. Yerba mate was discovered by the Guarani, the indigenous people of Paraguay, and the Tupi in Southern Brazil.

Caá Yari highlights the importance of yerba mate for the Guaraní and represents both the benevolent and destructive power of nature. There are many Guaraní myths and legends involving yerba mate. According to one folktale, yerba mate was a thank you gift from the moon Goddess, Yaví.

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These flavors reduce the bitter aspects inherent in mate; many Brazilians prefer this to traditional blends. Its organically-sourced yerba mate leaves are grown in the rainforests of South America, and users love its earthy, grassy taste. Though some people prefer loose leaf yerba mate, if you like the convenience of tea bags, there’s no better choice.

Traditional Yerba Mate Tea Bags From Guayaki

As a beginner drinking mate you will want to order a 250gr packet until you find which is the type of yerba tea or brand that you most like. As this presentation is not available for all brands, you can purchase a 500gr mate tea packet instead and have more options to choose from. Once you have your favourite blend and developed your habit of drinking daily you can save money by buying 1kg packs of yerba mate.

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