Sort new dead ingredients to each other and you can add at the same time into milk into the egg mix

Sort new dead ingredients to each other and you can add at the same time into milk into the egg mix

Move on the a slightly floured panel to a single- nr thirkness. LUl Willi a donut cutter and you will assist stana we mimitps ahead of frying. Fry from inside the pounds (360 degrees turning as soon as doughout increases so you’re able to brownish 1 towards the other hand. Sink brand new dough- miLR into nruwn uaytri mm cool move during the sugar, Potato Doughnuts (About three dozen doughnuts) Five plus one-1 / 2 of servings all purpose flour, five teaspoons baking powder, one-half tsp nutmeg, one-50 % of teaspoon soda, that teaspoon sodium, three eggs, that cup hot Metro women Christmas time Relationships Preparations Revealed Skip MYRTLE PYLE Mr .

and you will Mrs. Floyd M. Pyle, Payson, is actually declaring new engagement and dealing with wedding of their child, Myrtle, so you’re able to Jack Worter, Community, this new nuptial vows are exchanged Christmas time day in the Phoenix. The couple would-be went to by the Mr. and you may Mrs .

New bride to be-decide try a native from Payson nd obtained their particular elementary and you may senior school education where district. She try students at Washington County Instructors College or university at the Tempe 12 months that’s involved in Business. Mr. Worter, child out of Mr .

and you may Mrs. Charles Worter, Inspiration, is actually finished away from Industry senior high school in fact it is of In-snjratinn, fnnnrr fi a lotion from Tomato Soup J-wiytiity absorbpnt report and jet having sncar in the event that wished. Sour-Ointment Doughnuts (About two dozen doughnuts) Six egg yolks, that cup glucose, you to definitely mug dense sour cream, five glasses pastry flour, step 1 teaspoons soft drink, Was teaspoons ointment from tartar, one-50 % of teaspoon sodium, one-last teaspoon nutmeg. Eeat the brand new egg yolks up to thicker and you may lemon colored. Slowly add the sugar, beating if you’re incorporating .

Fry doughnuts up until a golden-brown

Are the lotion. Sort the newest deceased items to one another and you will enhance the basic mix. Put in new fridge for 5 times. Roll out to one-3rd inch thickness. Drop donut cutter towards the nour nu cut right out, cutting as close to one another as possible .

All the way down doughnuts towards body weight hot so you can 360 degTees F. (a beneficial cube off dough browns when you look at the one minute at this heat). Fry onlv a few simultaneously. Whenever doughnut increases toward facial skin, turn it more than instantly, using a long managed fork or wire whisk.

Drain regarding the body weight, piace toward absorbing naper whenever well-drained, spraying having powdery glucose. Coolidge Visitors Promote Fete Getting Bride to be-Elect COOLIDGE, Dec. 19 Miss Lillian O’Connor, who’re partnered December 23 so you’re able to Walter Z. Smith regarding La, is actually honored in the a miscellaneous shower Thursday nights home from Mrs. Wear Paul .

Norman Lemons

Visitors invested an element of the evening embroidering bath towels into the bride to be- Alar.f’ Miss O’Connor could have been a teacher regarding the Coolidge sentence structure university to have several years and you can Mr. Smith are an instructor for the a los angeles junior senior high school. They are going to reside in Venice, immediately after its es J. O .

Farnsworth. Misses Helen Edwards, Christine MflDaniels, Opal Morris, Can get Change fer, Naomi Elmore, Dorothe Goodwin. Mary Elizabeth Wilso “etty Kies, Myrtle Yohn and you will ackie Borden’s “Recipe of the Day Solution could be Incomplete as opposed to it looked at dish to own appetizing Lotion away from Tomato Soups! And this is precisely the 12 months to love so you’re able to tha full their steaming deliciousness 1 You who’re getting continuously Borden’s “Redpe of your Month” Services remember that it brings you useful idea as to what so you’re able to suffice at each and every 12 months of the season. Pies, cakes, salads, bread, good fresh fruit, and you can fruits items each one is featured ia turn with solutions one can’t go wrong as for each and every examined in advance. Grocers one to offer Borden’s Tine Dairy foods will cheerfully ee you to definitely you earn Borden’s “Dish of one’s Few days” Servica on a regular basis .

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